Little Brown Kiwi | LBK Chat – December 2017
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In this edition of LBK Chat: LBK designs and delivers for students from the USA, international students from Wellington and an alpine experience for some Singaporeans.

Also, check out a couple of photos from ‘HJab’ a Hong Kong teacher, who recently took on the feat of hiking to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Little Brown Kiwi has been selected as a finalist for the NZI Sustainable Business Network awards.

We are stoked to have been selected for this.

We work with some amazing people all around New Zealand who dedicate countless hours to their work in conservation.

By connecting with these groups, our students are able to get some ‘hands on’ experience and learn about the importance of looking after our native flora and fauna.


St Andrew’s School, Boca Raton, Florida USA.

Originally, St Andrew’s School was due for an adventure in the deep of the South Island in January. Due to unforeseen flight issues at the time, they didn’t actually make it in January but a small group followed up in June to tour the North Island some months later.

An 11-day tour, taking in a bit of ‘everything’ was the flavour of the trip.

Some of the many highlights of this trip included: clear and calm conditions at Cathedral Cove, deep black skies in which to star gaze, a challenging hike between New Zealand’s dramatic volcanoes, caving in Waitomo, a traditional hangi in Tokoroa with our good friends at Papa o te Aroha marae, the OGO in Rotorua and also mountain biking the Old Coach Road in Ohakune with a local bike company. The Rapids Jet Boat in Taupo and rafting with Rafting New Zealand were also awesome experiences, which show that you can take part in water-based activities whatever the season!

The best result was that this keen group was able to finish what they had planned over a year ago, and get a slice of New Zealand adventure and culture. Their teachers, Rob Cameron (Kiwi Rob) and Jim Scheidegger (American Jim) supported the crew through each step of the way and were fully involved in the adventure.

The students and staff returned home with a new appreciation of all things ‘New Zealandy’ and our way of life here.

Thanks for coming, SAS, we look forward to seeing you all again in the future.


The Wellington Internationals Adventure Collective.

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to dedicate to adventures as we would like. We have to make the most of what time we get to fill the cup!

This certainly is what a collective of Wellington Education Network students did over the course of a weekend this Winter.

After a Friday afternoon departure from school in Wellington, the group were soon bedding down in the adventure centre of the North Island – Taupo. After a short sleep it was into the first challenge of the trip – the ice breaker swim in Lake Taupo!! This time of year is notorious for cooler lake temperatures….no worries for this crew… they took to the frigid moana like ducks to, well, water.

A warming shower had everyone able to speak normally again (not by means of a teeth chattering shiver) and we were soon off to Choice Bro. Cliff Hanger Swing at Taupo Bungy or Rapids Jet were the adventurous options that the student got right amongst.

Adrenalin hit accomplished, it was onto the bus and a short transfer to Papa o te Aroha Marae. An evening of learning all things Maori was a highlight for this group. Haka, Poi, Hangi…
it was all an insight into Te Ao Maori.

Early Pororporoaki (farewell ceremony) as we made our way to Turangi and the might of the Tongariro River. Rafting New Zealand always look after the LBK crews super well, but I’m sure there was a more than usual amount of chocolate fish in the snack container we opened half way down. The Hot Chocolate complemented the Chocolate Fish and provided the energy needed for the remainder of the questionably warm river blast!

Hot shower, hot dog, farewell from LBK and the Wellington Internationals Adventure Collective were back on the bus to our nation’s capital. It was a short time – but an epic time!! Hope to see you again soon!


UWCSEA Winter X 2017.

After the ‘extremeness’ of the previous years’ UWCSEA Winter X, it is surprising there was any interest in the 2017 trip at all!

The 5 students who committed to the challenge must have known something the rest of us didn’t. The rumors of the blizzard conditions and hardships of the 2016 trip were soon put to bed as blue skies, light winds and beautiful sunshine beamed down on the group for the entire 2017 week… just desserts for backing themselves and taking on the challenge!

The week was structured to introduce us to the key knowledge and learning associated with being in the mountains during winter. We learned the ‘hard skills’ of negotiating the winter mountain terrain. Gear such as ice axes and crampons become essential kit as soon as things get steep and snowy. We learned about how to walk with sharp pointy things on our feet and how to use the axe to support ourselves and save ourselves in the event of an unplanned slide!

Feeling heaps more confident after practicing for a couple of days in the hills, it was time to prepare for a double overnight on the mountain. Heavy packs were full of tents, food, cookers, clothes as well as other essential gear to stay safe up there. We climbed for half a day to get to a small plateau where we pitched tents and got settled into camp life – including getting to grips with the ‘pot’ (let’s just say that toileting in the alpine environment is a little more challenging than at home!) The highlight of our first day was definitely the sunset – it was stunningly amazing and we sat out watching it until the cold and dark drove us into our tents.

Night time up the mountain was different. We were quite happy to cuddle into our tent mate as it was cold – so cold that everything froze solid. We had to remember to bring everything into the tent or it would freeze – including boots, which wouldn’t be that nice in the morning.

Expedition Day 2 was about us climbing some steeper terrain in an attempt to summit a peak. It was great to put our skills into practice. As the angle of the terrain suddenly steepens, so to do does the reality of what a lapse in concentration might mean – a slide! We all felt pretty confident though and it was great to feel the ‘real-ness’ of the experience.

The week was topped off with a raft down the Tongariro River. Moving without walking was a bit of a novelty after 5 days in the mountains! So too was the contrasting heat of the Tokaanu Hotpools that we probably spent way too much time in…

Big thanks to Little Brown Kiwi, RNZ and HO. It was such a great week, one that we will remember forever.

Take on the challenge of the UWCSEA Winter X – if you are tough enough?!


Our friend ‘HJab’ from the Canadian School in Hong Kong.

Here are a couple of photos of our friend Heather ‘HJab’ Jablonoskwi, climbing up Mt Kilimanjaro – sporting some LBK clobber!

In her spare time, when not climbing mountains or inspiring the youth in the classroom, you will find Heather running in ultra distance marathons.
She recently competed in a 250km race in Chile.

HJab, you give us all inspiration!

Thank you!

To all of the schools who work with Little Brown Kiwi in New Zealand.

Yours in adventure,
The team at Little Brown Kiwi

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Look out for the next edition of LBK Chat!

This will feature epic adventures towards the end of 2017.